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Volume 7 (2001)

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History in Practice

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  • Piero Camporesi, Exotic Brew: The Art of Living in the Age of Enlightenment (Susan Broomhall)
  • Richard Britnell (ed.), Daily Life in the Late Middle Ages (Susan Broomhall)
  • Glen McLaren, Life's Been Good: The Children of the Great Depression (Derek Smith)
  • Jenny Gregory (ed.), On the Homefront: Western Australia and World War II (Deborah Gare)
  • Philip Ayres, Mawson: A Life (Tim Dymond)
  • Paul Adams, The Stranger From Melbourne. Frank Hardy: A Literary Biography 1944-1975 (Tim Dymond)
  • Alan Tierney, Melville Vaniman 1866-1922: A Biographical Note (Joanna Sassoon)
  • Jim Davidson and Peter Spearritt, Holiday Business: Tourism in Australia Since 1870 (Joanna Sassoon)
  • Dorothee E. Kocks, Dream a Little: Land and Social Justice in Modern America (Amanda Laugeson)
  • Glen McLaren, Big Mobs: The Story of Australian Cattlemen (Chris Stronach)
  • Peter Timms (ed.), The Nature of Gardens (Andrea Gaynor)
  • Patrick Troy (ed.), A History of European Housing in Australia (Andrea Gaynor)
  • Anna Haebich, Broken Circles: Fragmenting Indigenous Families 1800-2000 (Judy Skene)
  • Joanna Bourke, An Intimate History of Killing: Face-To-Face Killing in Twentieth-Century Warfare (Sara Buttsworth)
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