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Volume 5 (1999)

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History in Practice

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  • Burton Stein, A History of India (Brian Ward)
  • Peter Coss, The Lady in Medieval England 1000-1500 (Jennifer Smith)
  • Tim Murray (ed.), Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia (Ken Mulvaney)
  • Leon Hunt, British Low Culture: From Safari Suits to Sexploitation (Derek Smith)
  • Stephanie Moser, Ancestral Images: The Iconography of Human Origins (Susan Broomhall)
  • J.H. Shennan, The Parlement of Paris (Susan Broomhall)
  • John Adair, By the Sword Divided (Charles Lancaster)
  • Wayne Hudson and Geoffrey Bolton (eds), Creating Australia: Changing Australian History (Deborah Gare)
  • Harry Phillips, David Black, Bruce Bott and Tamara Fischer, Representing the People: Parliamentary Government in Western Australia (Jasmina Brankovich)
  • William J. Lines, False Economy: Australia in the Twentieth Century (Andrea Gaynor)
  • Trevor McClaughlin (ed.), Irish Women in Colonial Australia (Jean Chetkovich)
  • Quentin Beresford and Paul Omaji, Our State of Mind: Racial Planning and the Stolen Generation (John Host)
  • Dean Jaensch and David Mathieson, A Plague on Both Your Houses (Jasmina Brankovich)
  • R.S. White, Charles Edelman and Christopher Wortham (eds), Shakespeare: Readers, Audiences, Players (Stephen Nichols)
  • Elizabeth Fallaize (ed.), Simone de Beauvoir: A Critical Reader (Bonnie Thomas)
  • Penrod V. Dean, Singapore Samurai (John Hall)
  • Ken Gelder and Jane M. Jacobs, Uncanny Australia: Sacredness and Identity in a Postcolonial Nation (Tony Simoes da Silva)
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