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Volume 2 (1996)

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  • Bill Bunbury, Rabbits and Spaghetti: Captives and Comrades Australians. Italians and the War (Ray Acaster)
  • Georges Duby, Love and Marriage in the Middle Ages (Emma Hawkes)
  • Arlette Farge, Subversive Words: Public Opinion in Eighteenth-Century France (Jennifer Smith) Bronislaw Geremek, Poverty: A History (Stephanie Tarbin)
  • Jean-Claude Guillebaud & Raymond Depardon, Return to Vietnam (Graham Jones)
  • Anna Haebich, For Their Own Good: Aborigines and Government in the South West of Western Australia, 1900-1940 (Christine Choo)
  • Walter Laqueur, Black Hundred: The Rise of the Extreme Right in Russia (Malcolm Anderson)
  • Henry Loyn, The Vikings in Britain; David Walker, The Normans in Britain (Chris Cronach)
  • Andrew Lynch & Philippa Maddern (eds), Venus & Mars, Engendering Love and War in Medieval Europe (Claire McIlroy)
  • Rica Erickson & Gilliam OMara, Convicts in Western Australian, 1850-1887; Doreen Owens, Jardee: The Mill That Cheated Time; Paul Hasluck, Mucking About: An Autobiography (Kerry Evans)
  • Beryl Hackner, Rosa: A Biography of Rosa Townsend (Helen Merrick)
  • Kay Wilson, Decisions for War, 1914 (Dylan Orbell)
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