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Volume 10 (2004)

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History in Practice

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  • Mark J.P. Wolf and Bernard Perron, The Video Game Theory Reader (Tama Leaver)
  • Sarah Kember, Cyberfeminism and Artificial Life (Tama Leaver)
  • Lisa Nakamura, Cybertypes: Race, Ethnicity, and Identity on the Internet (Tama Leaver)
  • Jill Nelmes (ed.), An Introduction to Film Studies (Tracy McDiarmid)
  • Setha M. Low and Denise Lawrence-Zúñiga (eds), The Anthropology of Space and Place (Lorraine Sim)
  • Heather Wearne and Adele Wessell (eds), Caldera: Narrative Excursions (Lorraine Sim)
  • Anna Snaith, Virginia Woolf: Public and Private Negotiations (Lorraine Sim)
  • Paul Julian Smith, Contemporary Spanish Culture: TV, Fashion, Art and Film (Tanya Dalziell)
  • Philippa Kelly (ed.), The Touch of the Real. Essays in Early Modern Culture in Honour of Stephen Greenblatt (Karina Welna)
  • Pamela Statham-Drew, James Stirling: Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia (Joseph Christensen)
  • Louis S. Warren (ed.), American Environmental History (Joseph Christensen)
  • Werner Eck, The Age of Augustus (Luke Cambridge)
  • Patricia Crawford and Ian Crawford, Contested Country: A History of the Northcliffe Area, Western Australia (Jeska Rees)
  • Christine Choo and Shawn Hollbach (eds), History and Native Title (Chris Stonach)
  • Georgina Born and David Hesmondhalgh (eds), Western Music and its Others: Difference, Representation and Appropriation in Music (Darren Jorgensen)
  • Terrie Waddell (ed.), Cultural Expressions of Evil and Wickedness: Wrath, Sex, Crime (Duc Dau)
  • Suman Gupta, Re-Reading Harry Potter (Karen Hall)
  • Stuart Macintyre and Anna Clark, The History Wars (Marianne Hicks)
  • Robert Dixon, Prosthetic Gods: Travel, Representation and Colonial Governance (David Robinson)
  • Douglas R. G. Sellick (ed.), Antarctica: First Impressions 1773-1930 (David Robinson)
  • Joy Damousi and Robert Reynolds (eds), History on the Couch: Essays in History and Psychoanalysis (Alex Murray)
  • Ieuan M. Williams (ed.), Humphrey Llwyd's Chronica Walliae (Alicia Marchant)
  • Rick Halpern and Enrico Dal Lago (eds), Slavery and Emancipation (Michael Ondaatje)
  • Suellen Murray, More than Refuge: Changing Responses to Domestic Violence (Judy Skene)
  • Laksiri Jayasuriya, David Walker, Jan Gothard (eds), Legacies of White Australia: Race, Culture and Nation (Tim Dymond)
  • Alexandra Hasluck, Georgiana Molloy: Portrait with Background (Deborah Williams)
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